“Prototype” now available on Amazon

For those of you who read novels, I’ve released a new techno thriller called “Prototype.” It’s only available on Amazon at the moment, but I hope to have it ready to go on other platforms in 90 days or so after the KDP Select timeframe expires.

KDP Select allows the book to be available to Kindle Unlimited users as well. So if you are a KU member, you can read it for free as a part of the program.

I’m still trying to figure out all this self-publishing stuff, but it feels good to get some momentum started.

Now that I’ve got this project out, I plan on circling back to my non-fiction book “The Tao of Running” and get it updated for a second edition release. The goal is to have it back in the Kindle store by the end of the month.

Anyways, if you decide to pick up the new book, be sure to let me know what you think. I’m always looking for ways to improve my craft, so I’d love to hear your feedback.

Here’s the book blurb:

The Great Riots are over, but the struggle has just begun…

From the ashes of The Great Riots, a new technology has emerged. With the promise of peace and security against future uprisings, the U.S. government has taken the unprecedented step of granting a high-profile technology company full control over a small town in Eastern Oklahoma to test the prototype implementation of the City Network Efficiency Tracking system, also known as CityNET.

When Jason Drake, a brilliant software developer, unearths a menacing secret deep within the shadows of the organization, a desperate race ensues to uncover the sinister truth behind the technological nightmare that now rules the town. In a story laced with fear and broken loyalties, Jason finds himself head-to-head with the firm’s tyrannical CEO who is hell-bent on ensuring his company’s success at all costs.

You can purchase “Prototype” here.

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Reality vs Fiction – Surveillance Dystopia

My current novel project, Prototype, explores the idea of what could happen when powerful technology companies are given almost unlimited control over a population of people.

Naturally, topics like China’s Social Credit System pique my interest as they are examples of near real-world implementations of some of the ideas and technology presented in the book, not to mention how those technologies could spiral out of control.

I came across this article on Wired in which the following quote caught my attention:

“The system as it exists today is more a patchwork of regional pilots and experimental projects, with few indications about what could be implemented at a national scale.”

Why did this particular quote stand out? Because it’s the exact “testing” methodology used in my book. Sometimes reality really is stranger than fiction.

The west is taking a slower, less obvious approach. Rather than outright mandating the deployment of such surveillance technologies, government agencies are quietly implementing similar partnerships with private companies. In July, it was reported that Amazon had partnered with 200 law enforcement agencies to promote its home surveillance company Ring. This in exchange for access to a “Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal.”

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