Carrots in January!

We left some carrots in the ground over the winter to give to the goats as treats every now and then. With all the rain we’ve had and the ground staying wet for most of the winter, I figured they would have rotted by now, but I went out this afternoon and dug a few up and was pleasantly surprised they are still in good shape!

Cory Doctorow on how to build cities that aren’t dystopian

Insightful as always, Doctorow lays out a thoughtful argument on how cities can be designed to maintain its citizen’s privacy and still provide metrics and insights that make them more efficient.

Imagine your smartphone knew everything about the city – but the city didn’t know anything about you. Wouldn’t that be truly ‘smart’?
Source: The case for … cities that aren’t dystopian surveillance states | Cory Doctorow | Cities | The Guardian

“Secrets of the Road” Re-Released on Amazon

Back in 2014, I wrote a small little book called “The Tao of Running: Lessons on Life From Miles on the Road.” It was one of the first writing projects I published and I have to admit that the overall process and product was a bit kludged together.

About six months after I published the book, I pulled it off Amazon with the thought that I would eventually get around to cleaning it up and re-releasing it. And here we are, 5 years later.

The good news is: the book has a little better flow to it than the first edition. The first edition had chapters with sub-sections throughout which made the flow seem choppy and distracting. So, one of the things I did for this edition was to rewrite each chapter into more of an essay format that centers around one or two topics, but is a continuous narrative, rather than being broken up into multiple sub-sections.

Also, I was able to add some new content from some of the past few years that I’ve been thinking about. This included a new chapter at the end to help summarize and pull out some of the lessons that I believe serve as pillars for the book.

Anyways, I’m glad to finally get this project back out into the wild. It’s been haunting me for years now and I finally get to purge the little nagging voice in my head that was constantly hounding me about getting it re-written.

So, “Secrets of the Road” is now available again on Amazon. I hope you enjoy!

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Update: As of January 29th, 2020 I have also renamed the book “Secrets of the Road: meditations on running.” After doing some looking around, it turns out there is already some well-established content around the title/name “The Tao of Running.” It was easy enough to change the title and cover, so I swapped them out and moved on down the road (pun intended!). Chalk this one up to bad luck and poor research on my part.