Wood for Winter

Spent quite a bit of time this weekend picking up and chopping firewood in preparation for the winter ahead. We don’t get too harsh of winters here in Oklahoma, but they are cold enough that we try to stack 2-3 ricks each year just in case.

Can’t wait to sit by a warm fire and read novels all winter. :)

6 thoughts on “Wood for Winter

  1. The winters are not harsh? When I went to Oklahoma, I was hoping to see what a ‘real’ winter was like; although we left before it happened. Nonetheless, it was colder than anything I had ever experienced without going up to the Sierra Nevada! I got enough of it to see why people do not like cold winters.

    1. HA! Yeah….we ride the line of those big Arctic blasts that come down from Canada. Sometimes they’ll make it down this far, sometimes we just miss it. Varies from year to year. Most of the time we only make it to the teens with the occasional dip into the single digits. And it doesn’t seem to last very long. The winters that seem to be regular occurrences in the northern states are what I am happy to live without! ;)

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