Analog “Now”

One of the popular productivity/communication techniques going around the internet at the moment is the implementation of the “Now” page on your personal blog or website.

This concept was initiated by Derek Sivers a while back and it’s purpose is to give yourself (and others) a sense of the project(s) that are consuming your immediate attention.

I don’t personally have a Now page on this site, but I have instituted an analog version of the technique. On my cork board, directly above my computer workstation, I have a simple 3×5 index card posted that lists the top 3 projects that I am currently focused on (see screenshot at the top).

As of the time of this writing those three things include:

  • Training for the Route 66 5K
  • Working on a screenplay
  • Fall harvest & winter prep

I think the offline version is more effective (in my specific context) than posting it as a page on my site because it’s more accessible for the person who needs it most – me.

I primarily work in offline mode. If I only had my projects listed on my website, I would really only see the list when I thought about pulling up the page and looked at it. But because I have it posted directly above my workspace, I am reminded of my priorities much more often, even when I’m working offline.

Anyways, I’m positive I’m not the first person to do an analog version of this, but it’s definitely a technique worth implementing if you’re someone who sets goals and needs frequent reminders as to what your focus should be on (like me).


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