“The Scout” now available on Amazon

Just a quick note to announce that got a new book available on Amazon. This one is a short novel called The Scout.

I’ve had the idea for this book in my head for a few years now and initially wrote the story as a screenplay. But for whatever reason, I didn’t feel like the screenplay really did the story justice.

Screenplays, by their nature, are tight and thin. They are designed to move the action along. Novels, on the other hand, give you a little more time to explore the character’s emotions and establish a better sense of setting. Both of which I felt this story needed.

So, here we are – a new novel, ready for you to enjoy.

As with the other books, I have elected to enroll this one into Amazon’s KDP Select program. KDP Select allows the book to be available to Kindle Unlimited users as well. So if you are a KU member, you can read it for free as a part of the program.

Here’s the book blurb:

Struggling to survive on the outskirts of the city, a refugee boy becomes a pawn in a rogue bounty hunter’s plot to subvert a newly established empire.

Five years after a military invasion forced their family from their home in the Southern Province, Paulo, his twin sister Talia, and their younger brother Silas struggle to survive as refugees in the mountains that surround the capital city.

While on a mission to obtain medical supplies, disaster strikes when Paulo falls into the hands of the Hyperion Order.
The prison is lonely…
The labor camps are dangerous…
But when a seditious bounty hunter named Azrael Kon tries to befriend him, a twist of fate launches Paulo into a quest that could not only change the course of his life but shift the power of the entire province forever.

You can purchase The Scout here.

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Prototype and Secrets of the Road Are on Sale 3/2 – 3/8!

For the next week 3/2/2020 to 3/8/2020, both of my books, Prototype and Secrets of the Road, are on sale as Kindle Daily Deals. So, whether you like a good techno-thriller, or are interested in a short, non-fiction book on running, hop over to Amazon and take advantage of the discounts for the rest of the week!

If you would like a short synopsis of each book, feel free to check out the Books page.

Carrots in January!

We left some carrots in the ground over the winter to give to the goats as treats every now and then. With all the rain we’ve had and the ground staying wet for most of the winter, I figured they would have rotted by now, but I went out this afternoon and dug a few up and was pleasantly surprised they are still in good shape!