Watermelon Feast

Finally had a chance to cut open that watermelon we harvested a few days ago. Happy to say, it was fantastic.


Trampoline Netting –> Shade Cloth

This past spring our trampoline was a victim of Oklahoma storm season. However, we were able to salvage the netting that went around it that keeps people from falling off the sides. This evening, I found a use for it – shade cloth for the fall planting of beans and squash.

We’re still reaching mid-to-high 90’s here in Oklahoma, but it’s time to get seeds in the ground for the fall garden. As a result, we were able to repurpose the netting as shade cloth (and partial insect protection).

Not sure how it will work, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

First Draft Started

Started working on the first draft of a new(ish) novel last night. It’s not a completely new story, rather, I took the screenplay I wrote, turned a few characters and plot points on their head and have started work on a semi-adaptation of the story. Same world, different protagonist, roughly plotted as a three book series. Anxious to see how it goes.